Civil Trial and Appellate Practice
For over 130 years this firm has helped Southwest Missourian’s with their legal needs.  We are primarily trial lawyers.  We represent individuals who have grievances arising out of personal injuries, business disputes, workers compensation injuries and contracts.  We believe we have an excellent reputation with our clients, fellow lawyers and judges.  We encourage you to ask one.

Insurance Defense
We are frequently retained by insurance companies to defend their insured customers in both state and federal courts.  Our relationships with some of our insurance clients go back for decades.  With offices in Carthage and family and community ties to the surrounding counties and communities, we are familiar with local judges, court staff, attorneys, potential jurors, prevalent community attitudes and the business climate.  We feel that such insight affords us an advantage over defense counsel from the large metropolitan areas.  When retained, we promptly investigate the facts and research the law in order to make an informed assessment of the issues, so as to increase the chances of an economical and early resolution.

Plaintiffs and Individual Defendants
We represent individuals (either plaintiffs or defendants) in disputes involving personal injury and death arising out of accidents from automobiles, trucks, workplace, premises conditions or faulty products.  We also represent people in cases involving business, real estate and inheritance disputes.  We provide defense for those charged with traffic and alcohol related offenses.

General Legal Services
We serve a large and diverse metropolitan and rural community, for which we perform a wide range of legal tasks, including:

  • Estate Planning: We draw wills, trusts, powers of attorneys and non-probate transfer instruments.
  • Business Matters: We provide advice on business matters, prepare contracts, leases, deeds and other real estate documents and form business organizations such as corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies, commonly referred to as LLCs.
  • Probate: We open and help administer probate estates and we try contested probate and other inheritance matters.
  • Family Matters: We represent people in adoptions, guardianships and divorces.
  • Criminal: We defend persons accused of less serious criminal matters, including traffic offenses and first time illegal possession charges.
  • Government: We serve several local governments.

We provide mediation services to aid out-of-court settlements of lawsuits and claims.

Our Philosophy
 We encourage our clients to avoid disputes and their accompanying risk and expenses.  But, when genuine conflicts arise, we are experienced and equipped to represent our clients efficiently and zealously.  Our goal is to save money or make money for our clients while serving our profession honorably.

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